Why are Dolphins So Important to the Planet?

Dolphins are some of the most beautiful and intriguing creatures that live in our oceans today. Humans are endlessly fascinated by dolphins; we’ve made movies about them, dedicated theme parks to them, and will pay big money to swim with them. But why exactly are they so important? We often talk about protecting our oceans, but what do dolphins contribute to the planet? We’re here to tell you!


First, dolphins are vital to protecting our ocean’s ecosystems. Dolphins are considered apex predators, which means they are at the top of their food chain and have no natural predators hunting them down. These animals eat a lot of squid and various varieties of fish.  They even help local fishermen in some areas!

If they weren’t there to eat these creatures, population levels would increase substantially to the point where, eventually, it couldn’t be controlled and the ecosystem would fall out of balance. What’s more: since dolphins can eat old or sick fish, the levels of infectious disease in these fish species decreases, helping to keep the surviving fish healthy.


Many people come to our area specifically to experience Myrtle Beach dolphin tours. It’s clear how important they can be to the tourism of an area. Even besides dolphin tours, these creatures can still draw visitors to an area through aquariums or rehabilitation centers. Myrtle Beach eco tours allow visitors to see these creatures in their natural habitats. Aquariums and rehab centers are great for learning more about these animals and understanding what makes them so special.


Studying dolphins can tell us about much more than the animals themselves. They can also let us know what’s going on in their homes. For instance, if many in the same area are getting sick, this could be an indicator of pollution or another problem in those waters. Scientists can even collect tissue samples to see what fish dolphins are eating and if there are any dangerous chemicals in the water!


As you might already know, dolphins are quite similar to humans. Studies have shown that dolphins have unique personality traits like social skills and curiosity, which humans also share. Both dolphins and humans have unique names for other members of their species, spend time playing together, speak in specific regional dialects, and form important social bonds. By analyzing them, we may get a glimpse into our own behaviors as well.

There’s no question that dolphins are critical to the health of our oceans, which is why it’s up to us to do what we can to protect them. When you book Myrtle Beach dolphin tours with Blue Wave Adventures, you can rest assured in knowing you’re supporting a local business that is dedicated to the health and safety of our dolphins and our oceans. Browse our website or get in touch today to learn more!

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