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Good Stewardship

What We believe

Blue Wave Adventures is an advocate of good stewardship to our planet.


Recycling is second nature to us here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We practice it at home and work. We also will stop during our dolphin tours and trips to pull any trash that we see and can safely retrieve from the water. Every bit that is removed matters.

Protecting Our planet

At Blue Wave Adventures protecting our planet is part of our DNA. We are constantly seeking out new ways and organizations that can help us to become a cleaner and more efficient business. We are always striving to lessen our impact and leave things better when we are done. We try to share this message and approach

Animal Protection

Unlike all of the other dolphin watches in the Myrtle Beach area, we really do care about the impact that our activities have on these animals. We adhere to the protocols recommended by the Dolphin Smart program designed by the National Marine Fisheries. We work very hard not to harass or

our planet needs help from everyone!

our good steward partners

Blue Wave Adventures is based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, but we also serve the Myrtle Beach, Garden City and Pawley’s Island markets.

We support and are partnered with the following state, national, and international level organizations…

We support our planet!

Blue Wave Adventures participates in & supports the following movements and organizations…

Zero Carbon

We are a Zero Carbon Company!

We are a zero carbon footprint company. We don’t believe climate change is happening, we KNOW it is happening. The science is overwhelmingly telling us that it is and we are witnessing the effects of it first hand along our coastline.


With that in mind we are doing our part to reduce and neutralize our carbon footprint. We support a group called cooleffect.org that is made up of climate scientist around the world that have developed different programs that will remove the same amount of Co2 that we produce. We encourage all of our customers to do the same.

We Recycle

Not only do we recycle, but we constantly pickup others’ trash when we are out on a tour! We have a pool net that we take out to scoop up trash!

All by-products of our boat maintenance, from oil changes to the soap we use, have the environment in mind. All spare parts boxes and packages are carted off to the recycling center. When we see trash we pick it up!

We Teach

We are teachers of many things, including ecology, sustainability, and world issue-awareness, just to name a few.

When you go out on a tour with us you will receive a great deal of information about dolphins and their world. We spend our lives on the ocean with these animals and feel that it is our duty to give you an honest and straight forward assessment of their lives and environment. When you walk away from our tour you truly will have learned something about these animals.