Our Vessel: The Tursi-Ops

The best dolphin watch boat

Custom Built for Dolphin Cruises and Dolphin Watching

360 Degree Viewing

Our forward facing seating and low-rails give the Tursi-Ops the best viewing opportunities out of any dolphin cruise watching boat in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area!


We have the safest Dolphin Watch Cruise boat! Every year, our vessel is rigorously inspected and approved by the United States Coast Guard. Our boat is equipped with life jackets that fit any passenger.

Family Friendly

Blue Wave Adventures is a great time for families! We are the ONLY Dolphin Watch Cruise in Myrtle Beach with 360-degree viewing and individual forward facing seats that EVERYONE in your family can enjoy! *For your safety, children under age 3 & expecting mothers not recommended for this trip

more than just a boat, it's a vessel for adventure!

Tursi-ops fun facts

The name of our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Dolphin Watch Vessel, the Tursi-Ops, which was derived as a fun play on words from the scientific name of the dolphins we see, Tursiops Truncatus. The vessel with its military lineage or special“ops”styling, lead us to hyphenate the word to represent what we do. Dolphin search operations or TURSI-OPS.

Yes! Safety is paramount. She is a US Coast Guard Inspected vessel. We must pass various annual and bi-annual safety inspections conducted and certified by their safety officers. In addition to that the boat is always under command by a licensed Captain with a 100 ton Masters rating. Every crew member holds a current Red Cross 1st aid and cpr certificate as well as membership in a random drug testing consortium. For their safety and comfort we do not take children under the age of three or those that are pregnant.

The TURSI-OPS is a state of the art 42 foot custom built and designed Rigid Hull Inflatable or more commonly known as an RHI. It was designed by a New Zealand company called NAIAD and  built here in the U.S.A. This is not your average tour boat! 

Unlike other boats in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina are, our dolphin watch boat was specifically designed and built for what we do. Dolphin watching. This is not a converted dive boat or giant offshore fishing vessel with limited viewing opportunities. We designed this vessel from the keel up with the passenger in mind. Every seat has a 360-degree view of the surroundings. No cabin or wheelhouse blocking your view.

The TURSI-OPS provides individual seating for 40 passengers on our dolphin watch cruise tours. No fighting for bench space here. You get your own seat with a great view.

Ready for Adventure?!