How to be an Eco-Friendly Traveller

Planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach? Great choice! You’re set to explore one of the most popular coastal cities in South Carolina. But when you head out on vacation, you may want to keep the environment in mind. You might already be trying to reduce your carbon footprint at home, but there are steps that you can take for eco-conscious travel as well and to become an eco-friendly traveller. Here are a few suggestions to lighten the planet’s load when you travel.


Your first step to being an eco-friendly traveller begins before you ever leave home! Packing lightly has a wide range of benefits. If you’re traveling by plane, packing a light bag puts less strain on the aircraft, making it work more efficiently. Similarly, your car will appreciate a lighter load as well, if you’re getting here on the road. Plus, it’ll make your bags that much easier to manage and might even leave some room for an extra souvenir!


You might have heard this phrase before, and it’s something that we take seriously here in Myrtle Beach. We encourage our visitors to “leave nothing but footprints” on the beach, in local nature preserves, or anywhere else they’re exploring in the city. If you have a picnic on the shores, for instance, be sure to take all trash with you and dispose of it in the proper receptacles. You should leave nothing behind except your footprints!


When you travel, it’s common to use your own car or use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft to get around. There are certain instances when these modes of transportation are quite convenient, but when you can, make the effort to use public transport. Riding on the local bus or trolley is a great way to keep your own car off the road, saving your gas money and protecting the environment from extra emissions. On top of that, public transportation is often more affordable than personal transport!


It’s a sad truth that most big companies don’t have the environment in mind when they’re creating their products. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You vote with your wallet”? That’s true when it comes to travel! Supporting big businesses isn’t a bad thing, but it can contribute to business practices that harm the environment. That’s why we recommend supporting local businesses as much as you can. Not only do these companies have smaller carbon footprints, but they also help to keep the community unique and thriving. You’ll make the most of your time here by getting to know the locals and the one-of-a-kind businesses in the area!

When you’re looking for fun, eco-friendly activities to fill your itinerary with, check out Blue Wave Adventures! We offer some of the most popular eco tours in Myrtle Beach and keep the environment in mind with everything we do. Our captains take pride in everything from teaching guests about the local ecosystem to picking up trash we spot in the water on our tours.

We’re a proud small business that is happy to serve eco-friendly travelers from all around the world. Come join us and see what makes our excursions so popular. Contact Blue Wave Adventures today to learn more and to book your next tour with us!

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