How SODA is Helping Protect Our Oceans

When you embark on a Myrtle Beach dolphin tour, you’re getting a glimpse at some of the most beautiful creatures to grace our oceans. But if we want them to stick around for generations to come, it’s vital that we work to keep our waters clean and the dolphins’ habitats healthy. Blue Wave Adventures supports conservation efforts in everything we do, including supporting local organizations working toward the same cause. One organization we’d like to highlight is SODA. 


SODA, or Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic, has been serving the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet area since 2015. This grassroots group is a local non-profit that aims to protect the South Carolina coast from the dangers of offshore drilling. 

Run completely by volunteers, SODA seeks to educate the public about why offshore drilling is so impactful and explain what we can do to reduce the threat to our environment and our oceans. For instance, they teach about the dangers of seismic airgun blasting, which is a necessary prerequisite to offshore drilling. Seismic air gun blasting is incredibly loud and can be heard for a stunning 2,500 miles away; the noise can drive fish away from their natural habitats and make it difficult for marine mammals to navigate the area and communicate with their peers.

SODA also discusses the impact of oil spills, of which there have been nearly 500 in the Gulf of Mexico since 2016. The team at SODA has done countless hours of research into the biggest problems impacting our oceans today and holding events to raise awareness about these important issues.


How can we work to protect our oceans? In standing with SODA, we can learn more about the negative effects of offshore drilling. SODA recommends getting in touch with your local elected officials and voicing your opinion on the dangers of this practice. You can also raise awareness by signing petitions, attending protests, or submitting letters to your local news outlets.

Do You want to go further in protecting the ocean? As we move away from our dependence on fossil fuels, offshore drilling will become less and less necessary. Reach out to elected leaders about clean energy and stress the importance of the issue. You can even take action at home to reduce energy usage. Try carpooling when available or traveling by bike or on foot when you can. Every little bit adds up!

If you want to put your money where your mouth is, consider donating to a non-profit like SODA. Blue Wave Adventures proudly supports SODA by donating a portion of our proceeds to their cause. We also support national organizations such as the Dolphin Smart Program, the National Science Foundation, the National Resource Defense Council, and more.

By embarking on a Myrtle Beach dolphin tour with Blue Wave Adventures, you can feel good in knowing that your money is going toward multiple worthy causes. Contact us today to learn more about our various dolphin tours and how we work to protect our oceans!

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