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How Overfishing Is Impacting Dolphins

Many families who come to Myrtle Beach spend plenty of time in the water, and one of the most popular activities in this area is fishing. Fishing can be a great way to spend time with the ones you love, get out in the sunshine and enjoy the warm weather, and maybe even catch a delicious fish to eat for dinner! Unfortunately, though, many larger fishing enterprises are taking advantage of our oceans and negatively impacting the beautiful marine creatures we see on our dolphin watches.


Overfishing is exactly what it sounds like: fishing too much. Often, companies will fish in order to sell the animals as food or to get another resource from them, like their scales or eggs. In some cases, humans fish in the same area so often that the fish population can’t reproduce fast enough to keep their numbers steady.


There are several disadvantages to overfishing, impacting sea creatures and humans alike. Perhaps one of the most obvious consequences of overfishing is the potential extinction of some of our most beautiful species. In the mid-1800s, species like herring and Atlantic cod were fished so much that they almost went extinct.

Industrial fishing is also harmful to our coral reefs. Fish that eat plants consume the algae that grow on these coral reefs, helping to keep them clean and healthy. Without these plants around to eat the algae, though, the delicate coral reefs are unable to thrive. Coral reefs and fish alike can also be harmed by the nets and equipment that fishermen use in their pursuit.

On top of that, fishing boats themselves can harm the marine life we see in our waters. Often, fishing boats will tow nets behind them in order to catch the most fish possible, a practice known as trawling. But it’s not only fish that get caught in these nets. Dolphins can often get trapped inside the nets, along with sharks, sea turtles, and other marine species.


So, what can we do to stop overfishing and make sure our marine animals have a safe environment to thrive in? One easy swap to make is choosing to purchase local and sustainable seafood. Fish like tuna and marlin have been overfished for years, so by avoiding them, you can help ease the demand and allow them to restore their populations.

Additionally, you can choose to support businesses and organizations that are passionate about protecting our oceans and their inhabitants. Some notable examples include Greenpeace International, World Wildlife Fund International, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Finally, when you’re on vacation and are enjoying the beautiful waters of Myrtle Beach, work with a company that uses sustainable and safe practices to protect our oceans. The dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach offered by Blue Wave Adventures is not only a fun experience for the entire family, but it’s also a great way to support the environment. We are proud to be good stewards to our planet through practices such as recycling, picking up trash we see along the way, and maintaining a zero-carbon footprint.

Want to learn more about our dolphin cruises? Contact Blue Wave Adventures today!

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