How Blue Wave Adventures Supports the Environment and the Community

At Blue Wave Adventures, we do so much more than offer eco tours in Myrtle Beach. Everything we do is based around a love and passion for our oceans and the creatures that call it home. During your dolphin cruise, we’ll let you know about how you can help protect the environment. We also put our money where our mouths are. We’re proud to support various organizations that benefit both our oceans and our local communities. Check out some of the incredible resources we support and consider supporting some of them yourself!



There are some fantastic organizations throughout South Carolina that support the environment are working toward a healthier planet. To start, SODA (Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic) is a volunteer-led grassroots organization with the goal of preventing offshore drilling in the area. Offshore drilling can lead to tons of noise and pollution. This can drive fish away from their habitats and preventing marine animals from finding food or communicating with each other. SODA has been going strong since 2015 and is making great strides toward reducing offshore drilling.

We’re also proud to support the Baskervill Food Pantry in nearby Pawleys Island. All individuals and families, regardless of their religious affiliation or where they come from, are welcome to come to the Food Pantry and get fresh, local produce and various other foods. Not only are people able to get access to the food they need, but the Food Pantry also helps eliminate food waste by ensuring food goes to the people who need it most.


On a national level, one of our favorite organizations to support is the Dolphin Smart Program. They work daily to educate the public about how to care for dolphins and ensure their natural habitats aren’t disturbed. The Dolphin Smart Program also spreads the word about legislation and news stories involving dolphins.  This helps promote conservation and responsible viewing practices.

We’re also proud to support the National Resource Defense Council, which has spent the last 50 years working to bring clean air and water to communities across the country. They focus on all aspects of the environment, from climate change and energy to food, water, and the wild. If you’re interested in learning more about protecting the environment, the NRDC is likely to have plenty of information for you.


There are some truly powerful international organizations out there, such as Carbon Footprint. This organization is twofold: it encourages individuals to reduce their carbon footprints, and it also allows people to offset their remaining carbon emissions. They are currently involved in carbon reducing projects around the world, including in areas like the United States, Mexico, India, and Indonesia.

The World Wildlife Fund is another favorite organization of ours. WWF has been around since 1961 and has been working to protect animals and their natural habitats ever since. The organization is active on six continents. They work with partners on every level to encourage sustainability and climate crisis research and solutions. Helping to preserve our world’s most vulnerable creatures is top priority.

On your next Myrtle Beach vacation, be sure to visit Blue Wave Adventures so we can tell you more about these amazing organizations!

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