4 Simple Ways to Reuse and Recycle

We’ve all heard the old adage: “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” You might throw a plastic soda bottle in the recycling bin from time to time or brings your own bags to the store, but there are tons of other easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Try some of these simple changes for yourself and they’ll become habits before you know it!


It’s never fun to get rid of an old t-shirt because it’s finally gotten a hole in it. But you can give your old clothes a new life by turning them into rags! Simply cut them into squares of whatever size you please; depending on the thickness of the fabric, you may need to double-layer or add an absorbent layer. For larger items, you may even be able to make a small towel.


Buying secondhand is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking for clothes at a thrift store or are picking out a secondhand instrument for your aspiring musicians, buying secondhand can be an option for almost everyone. You can also ask around to see if a friend or someone in the community may be willing to sell you what you’re looking for.


You might already use your plastic grocery bags as liners for your small bathroom trash cans. But you have another option! Most grocery stores allow shoppers to return their plastic bags to be recycled later. Even if your city doesn’t have a regular recycling program, you should be able to find a Walmart or another chain grocery store with a recycling box near you.


Learning a few basic skills can not only save the environment, but it can also save you a lot of money! Teach yourself a basic stitch so you can repair holes or rips in your clothes. See if you can fix a broken appliance before buying a new one. Learn how to “upcycle” everything from two-liter soda bottles to old shelving units. You’ll become more self-sufficient and can help your items last longer, meaning you won’t be contributing to a wasteful sales cycle.

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