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11 Oct Why Now Is The Best Time To Take A Dolphin Cruise

Why Now Is The Best Time To Take A Dolphin Cruise

When the days grow shorter along the South Carolina coast, the weather becomes nicer. The temperatures are more bearable, but the beautiful weather Murrells Inlet sees year-round still allows you to spend time on the water. As the fall season approaches, so does the best time to watch dolphins on a Murrells Inlet dolphin tour. The Blue Wave Adventures team is excited to save your seat on a dolphin cruise near Myrtle Beach and explain different facts about dolphins and other sea creatures you’ll spot along the way.

Comfortable Temperatures

The heat index in Murrells Inlet can live in the triple digits for days at a time over the summer. While time on the water under the sun is ideal for many, there are those who want a slight breeze while watching dolphins. The average temperature in Murrells Inlet drops from near 90° during the summer to 75° in October. The difference in temperature makes for an ideal afternoon cruising the ocean and taking in the dolphins.

A cool comfortable breeze washes over the Blue Wave Adventures dolphin tour boat and you can take photos or ask questions while enjoying the adventure and not focusing on the heat. The lower heat and humidity make the dolphin tour more enjoyable for many of our guests. Whether you’re local to Murrells Inlet or you’re spending the fall and winter months in the area, the fall season dolphin tour offers the best temperature for those who want to avoid extreme heat.

Dolphin Activity

Don’t be worries that the dolphins will move to warmer waters during the fall months. Most dolphin species enjoy water that ranges from 50 to 90 degrees, so you’re sure to still spot several dolphins when you plan your tour this fall. In fact, you’ll likely see many dolphins on your tour.

Bottlenose dolphins prefer to swim in groups, called pods, of 10-25. They swim together while using an intricate language of squeals and squeaks to speak to one another. The dolphin language is extremely complex and varies for each species. Their social nature means you can enjoy the dolphins’ playful spirit during a dolphin tour this fall.

Easier Booking

More than 14 million guests visit Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas each summer, but as the fall season progresses, those visitors begin to dwindle. Planning a dolphin tour near Myrtle Beach is much easier in October and November as you’re not fighting the traffic on the roads or having to book your event months in advance.

While we still recommend you reserve your spot – the morning tours fill up the fastest as that’s traditionally the time dolphins are most active – you don’t have to be as concerned that you won’t get your desired time.

There are several reasons to sail on the water and take in a day in the life of a dolphin during the fall months. The Blue Wave Adventure steam looks forward to sharing the morning or afternoon with you and your family. Book your dolphin tour now!