Dolphin Watching on the Blue Wave Dolphin Tour

09 Sep Why Myrtle Beach is the Best Place for Dolphin Watching

Myrtle Beach is a dolphin watching hotspot. Tourists come from all over the world to see the majestic sea creatures. But why is Myrtle Beach the best place for dolphin watching?

Myrtle Beach provides the best viewing conditions of the mammals in their natural habitat. Several factors play a part in the continued growth of the local dolphin watching industry:

  • Types of dolphins
  • Natural habitat
  • Viewing experiences
  • Chance of dolphin sightings
  • Fun for all ages
  • Ethical viewing


Types of Dolphins

There are 49 dolphin species, but the bottlenose dolphin is the main attraction in Myrtle Beach. The bottlenose dolphins swim along the Atlantic Coast of the US, so visiting Myrtle Beach is one of the best places in the country to see the majestic animals.

The bottlenose dolphin is the main dolphin species in Myrtle Beach. The species is relatively large for dolphins, ranging in size from six to twelve feet and weighing between 400-1000 pounds. The dolphins have a solid gray color and swim up to 20 miles per hour.

It’s convenient to have the species native because it’s a social species – the dolphins typically swim in groups, so you’ll have a better chance at seeing multiple dolphins in Myrtle Beach.

The bottlenose species sub-divides into two groups, offshore and coastal. The species’ have slight differences, but the various viewing experiences let you see dolphins near the coasts or further out.


Natural Habitat

You don’t have to travel to an exotic island to see dolphins. In fact, South Carolina has the perfect water conditions for dolphins to live naturally. The coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean remain at temperatures between 50°F- to 90°F, the perfect water conditions for the bottlenose dolphin.

Myrtle Beach leads directly out into the Atlantic Ocean with no barriers, so the dolphins swim freely very close to shore. There are also nearby estuaries, or river mouth openings leading out into the ocean, which is also a commonplace where dolphins thrive.

Myrtle Beach is the best place to see dolphins because there’s nothing like seeing the mammals in their natural habitat. You’ll get the best perspective of seeing the dolphins’ natural behavior and patterns in a natural environment.


Viewing Experience

Myrtle Beach is unlike any other place in the world for viewing dolphins. With the area being a natural habitat for dolphins, there are many activities designed around viewing the sea creatures, and other activities where the dolphins may show up unexpectedly.

Of course, if your main goal is to see dolphins in Myrtle Beach, you can take one of the dolphin tours, where you’ll climb aboard a boat to head out near the coast (or further out) in search of dolphins. But it’s not the only way to come across them.

Did you know that you can see dolphins from the coast? Dolphins swim very close to the coast in Myrtle Beach, so you might spot the gray fins emerging from the ocean while you’re lounging on the beach. There are plenty of oceanfront hotels with balconies facing the sea where you’ll surely spot dolphins in the distance.

Other unexpected encounters may occur while out kayaking or even parasailing.


Chance of Dolphin Sightings

Not all dolphin hotspots can guarantee sightings while taking part in tours and excursions, but in Myrtle Beach, the rules change slightly. You have a high chance of seeing dolphins in Myrtle Beach, whether taking part in a dolphin tour or gazing out into the ocean from the shore, thanks to numerous factors.

Since Myrtle Beach is a natural habitat for dolphins, there is an abundance of the mammals that live near the coast all year long. Furthermore, it’s a place for migratory dolphins where the numbers increase even more. With so many dolphins swimming in the area, your chances are that much better at seeing them.

Myrtle Beach is a hub for dolphin research, so you’ll have lots of local experts that have studied the local animals for years. Experts know the swimming patterns, resting places, popular feeding areas, and more. The experts will be your boating captains to take your straight to them. On-boat tracking technology is also helpful!


Fun For All Ages

You’re never too young, nor too old, to see dolphins for the first time. Dolphin watching is one of the best Myrtle Beach things to do for the entire family. The activity specializes in providing a safe, fun environment for tourists of all ages to enjoy spotting dolphins.

Whether you’re traveling with young kids, or a retiree finally getting a chance to experience the world, Myrtle Beach has the perfect dolphin watching opportunities. Dolphin tours are popular for ages ranging three and up, where you’ll have an accessible boat and a smooth ride to spot dolphins. You can also opt for private charters to cater to special conditions.

The boats provide special safety measures to ensure a safe journey out in the water for everyone.

If boats aren’t your thing, you’re more than welcome to relax on the beach, and you’ll still have a chance to see dolphins swimming in their natural habitat.


Ethical viewing

Myrtle Beach provides one of the most ethical dolphin watching experiences in the world. Since it’s a natural habitat, it ensures to leave them undisturbed from human interference even while out in the water viewing or researching.

South Carolina banned swimming with dolphin experiences, which leads to highly unethical treatment of the mammals. Now, all of the dolphin experiences you’ll find locally ensure appropriate treatment.

Ecotours are popular in Myrtle Beach since the dolphin tours give a glimpse at the dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphin watching is an enjoyable and unique experience, but only when done ethically. When you support the dolphin tours and excursions in Myrtle Beach, you can rest assured that you’re supporting the continued preservation of the dolphins’ habitat.

Are you excited yet about a chance to see dolphins? If you’re traveling to Myrtle Beach soon, be sure to check out the various dolphin tours offered by Blue Wave Adventures to find the best dolphin watching experiences available!