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18 May Why are Ecotours the Best Way to See Dolphins?

Why are Ecotours the Best Way to See Dolphins?

When making a trip to the ocean, it probably crosses your mind that you might have the opportunity to see dolphins. And even if dolphins aren’t visible from land, the chances are that they are not that far away. These cetaceans are perhaps the most majestic of all sea animals found in the ocean. Their playfulness and curiosity have delighted the human species for generations. However, if you want to see dolphins, it is essential to do your homework on the best ways to watch and enjoy dolphins responsibly.

Why an Ecotour in the Best Way to Enjoy Responsibly 

Throughout the world, you have probably seen advertisements for opportunities to swim with dolphins, pose with them, or even have them push you out of the water for a wild ride like no other. These advertisements are quite compelling, and it can be hard to suppress your desire to try one of the fun activities you read about. Unfortunately, these activities aren’t the best for the animals themselves. After all, dolphins weren’t created to interact directly with humans in captivity.

Myrtle Beach offers one of the best places in the United States for safe dolphin watching. So if you are looking for fun things to do in Myrtle Beach, why not add a dolphin watch to your list of activities? When you are on vacation and looking to maximize your time, you often want to experience everything an area offers. Dolphin tours are a great way to pass the time for visitors of all ages, and ecotours are one of the most popular things to do in Myrtle Beach.

At Blue Wave Adventures, we’re proud to be a responsible tour operator that understands the need to keep direct dolphin interactions to a minimum. We know how to help our visitors enjoy dolphin encounters with dolphins in their natural environment. Not only that, but we seek to be a good steward by protecting the environment too. We support several state, national and international organizations that focus on protecting and improving the planet’s health. One of these efforts is carbon pollution reduction.

To play our part in keeping our world safe and clean for generations to come, we work to offset carbon emissions during our Myrtle Beach dolphin tours. Further, we recycle as many spare parts and supply and delivery boxes as possible. We even clean up trash that we come across in the water when we are out on our tours.

When you book an eco-friendly dolphin tour with Blue Wave Adventures, you’ll know that you are supporting an organization that looks to protect the very animals that you have come to enjoy. We don’t crowd the dolphins that we come across. Instead, we give them space and allow the animal to determine how it wishes to interact with us. When we provide respect and freedom to the dolphin, we are often rewarded with the opportunity to see them in all their splendor – because they feel safe rather than threatened.

Book a Dolphin Spotting Ecotour with Blue Wave Adventures

If you hope to see dolphins in their natural habitat and want to feel good about your activity, please book your adventure on our website. Click on Book Online under Book Your Adventure on the Blue Wave Adventures home page. You’ll be taken to a calendar that shows times for our various dolphin watch tours.

We look forward to meeting you and talking to you more about these magnificent animals.