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18 Mar What Wildlife Will I See on a Myrtle Beach Eco-Friendly Dolphin Tour?

What Wildlife Will I See on a Myrtle Beach Eco-Friendly Dolphin Tour?

Myrtle Beach has long been a popular vacation destination for families and couples. This should come as no surprise either, as Myrtle Beach is full of fun things to do. Whether you are looking to get in a golf game at one of the 90 or so golf courses or find eco-friendly entertainment with a Myrtle Beach dolphin tour, you’ll be planning a return trip before you finish the first one.


Though dolphin watches are high on the list of things to do in Myrtle Beach, there is a variety of other wildlife that you might be able to enjoy on your tour. If you book a dolphin tour with Blue Wave Adventures, you may be lucky enough to spot one or more of the following animals. 

5 Common Animals You May See During a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Watch

If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of more than just a dolphin, don’t fret. Here is a list of five common animals you might see during a dolphin watch with zero carbon footprint.

  1. Dolphins 

Of course, when partaking in a dolphin watch in Myrtle Beach, the goal is to spot some dolphins. And the chances are pretty high that you will indeed get to enjoy some dolphins, especially since we take an eco-friendly approach and ensure that we observe these majestic creatures at a safe distance while they frolic in their natural environment.

  1. Turtles 

Each May, loggerhead sea turtles begin to nest along the South Carolina coastline. From that time through October, female turtles journey from the sea to the dunes only to dig a nest and lay around 120 eggs. The mother turtles then incubate their eggs for about two months before making their journey back to the ocean. So, depending on the type of year that you visit, you might be able to catch a glimpse of this annual ritual.

  1. Jellyfish 

It isn’t uncommon to spot either Lion’s Mane or Cannonball Jellyfish during a trip to Myrtle Beach. Though it is highly recommended to keep your distance between you and a jellyfish to prevent injury, these creatures are fascinating to study. Jellyfish often wash up along the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand each summer as well.

  1. Sharks 

Though it is generally considered safe to swim in the waters along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, visitors must heed any warnings related to shark sightings. And, it is indeed possible to catch sight of sharks during one of the Blue Adventure eco-friendly tours. In particular, you might see one of five common shark species commonly spotted in Myrtle Beach, including the blacktip shark, bull shark, tiger shark, hammerhead shark, or great white shark.

  1. Eagles

No matter how patriotic you might be, you will be sure to appreciate the majestic nature of our national bird, the eagle. At the beginning of each year, not only are you likely to see bald eagles, but you may also see ducks, seagulls, egrets, and herons.

During a Blue Wave Adventure dolphin watch, you may also get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of rays, a variety of fish, osprey, or oystercatchers. But it is important to remember that these animals are wild, and there is never a guarantee that they will be where your tour takes you. Thus, on any animal-sighting tour, be sure to keep an open mind and enjoy whatever may come your way.