Why Now Is The Best Time To Take A Dolphin Cruise

21 Feb What Makes A Memorable Murrells Inlet Dolphin Tour 

What Makes A Memorable Murrells Inlet Dolphin Tour 

Roughly 40 percent of American families take at least one family vacation each year. Of all the times you’ve loaded up the family car and survived an amusement park, water slide, or other daring adventure, how much of the trip do you remember? Were there moments where you had the opportunity to slow down for just a minute and enjoy the time with your family?  

It can be easy to get so caught up in the planning and getting there that you forget to enjoy the small moments. Blue Wave Adventures is designed to not only allow you and your family to have a wonderful day on the water, but to build unforgettable memories along the way. While we can’t promise a Myrtle Beach vacation won’t involve some arm-tugging at the local amusement park, we can offer an experience that allows you to enjoy your family and grab a few photos. Our recipe for a memorable Murrells Inlet dolphin tour involves: 


Dolphins are amazing creatures. Their habits, language, and beauty are hard to comprehend if you haven’t spent a lifetime researching and working directly with these beautiful mammals. The Blue Wave Adventures team is led by experienced marine biologists who offer up pieces of information and answer questions during each dolphin tour. Our team will offer a storytelling experience with historical facts about the Murrells Inlet area, interesting facts about dolphins, and a glimpse inside other ocean wildlife. We not only want you to experience the dolphins, we want you to understand them.  

The View 

Unlike other water tours that use bench seating on their boats, Blue Wave Adventures dolphin tours offer 40 individual seats to our guests. The Blue Wave Adventures dolphin tours are enjoyed on an impeccably maintained 42-foot custom built and designed Rigid Hull Inflatable. You, and everyone else on board, truly get the best seat in the house. You’ll be comfortable throughout the 90-minute tour with 360-degree views that offer wonderful photo-taking opportunities. We invite you to bring a camera along because you won’t want to miss the unforgettable memories. 

Being Environmentally Conscious 

Our dolphin tours are fun and full of adventure, but the dolphins and other sea creatures are enjoyed from a respectable distance. After working closely with dolphins for more than two decades, our crew understands the importance of being eco-friendly and protecting the dolphins’ habitat. We have fun, but it’s serious fun. We understand the danger dolphins are in different parts of the world. We want you to see the dolphins swim and play, but we’ll leave you with simple steps you can take to help protect their home

Quality Service 

Our team has been ranked “excellent” by more than 100 guests who have shared in a dolphin tour adventure. With that many five-star reviews, you’re sure to find a name and face you trust among our online reviews. The Blue Wave Adventures team is excited to have you and your family sail with us, so we treat each passenger like family. TripAdvisor ranks our tour in the top 8 of all Murrells Inlet tours and we’ve received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for our services. 

After you enjoy your first dolphin cruise, we know you’ll return for more fun. Create the memories of a lifetime and discover new ways to enjoy the ocean with a Murrells Inlet dolphin tour. Contact us now to book your trip.