17 May What is “Mothership Kayaking?”

What is Mothership Kayaking?

Mothership Kayaking is using a boat as a platform to launch a mobile kayaking expedition. It is the best way to explore the remote coastal estuary systems and expansive freshwater river systems here in Georgetown and Horry Counties of South Carolina. Our RAIV (Rigid Aluminum Inflatable Vessel), the Osprey, is the perfect boat to handle such operations and, in fact, its the same type vessel that the Coast Guard uses on its patrols around the country.

Loaded and packed with inflatable kayaks, food, drinks, equipment, and most importantly PASSENGERS, Blue Wave Adventures offers trips deep into the remote freshwater areas of ┬áthe Waccmaw National Wildlife Refuge located in the Waccamaw River. One can expect to see over 150 different bird species, alligators, beaver, ducks, wild pigs, and so much more on our mothership kayaking trips. After pulling the kayaks back onto our boat, we then take our passengers to the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center where you can enjoy interactive displays and learn more about the South Carolina’s diverse ecosystems.

Blue Wave Adventures also offers mothership kayaking opportunities around the North Island of the North Inlet Estuary system, adjacent to the the Winyah Bay ecosystem just outside Georgetown, South Carolina. This pristine and remote part of the coast is so rare with wildlife abundance, researchers from all over the world come to perform research with the aid of Clemson University and the University of South Carolina. This area would be pretty difficult to reach without a motorized boat, and thats why Blue Wave Adventures launches kayaks from our vessel once we have reached remote places like this… really giving you an experience not many others can achieve!

To learn more about our Mothership Kayaking opportunities please call or stop in Crazy Sister Marina at (843-651-3676) or read more about the tours on our website.


Captain Mark