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17 May Blue Wave Adventures Dolphin Cruise

Blue Wave Adventures Dolphin Cruise

Hey Folks,

Captain Mark Collins here inviting you to join myself and Amy (my first and best mate), for the first of what i hope are many blogs about our coastal environment and those wonderful dolphins that we have built our lives around. With over 40 years of combined experience you won’t find anybody more excited and passionate about what they do. This is not just a business for us. It’s a mission.

My earliest memories are of my strong attraction to water. I couldn’t get enough of National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau. Every chance I had, I was in some body of water. Puddles, ponds, lakes, creeks whatever. I never had any fear or thought for that matter of what was swimming around down there. In 1983 I found myself fortunate enough to be stationed here at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Needless to say I was more than excited to arrive at this beautiful South Carolina coast. After my duty in the service I went back to school and graduated from Coastal Carolina. All the while taking full of advantage of living here at the beach.

In 1993 I packed up and moved out to Maui, where I was really fortunate to meet my wife Amy. We were both working for the same dive shop. For about seven years we gained tremendous knowledge and experience working with whales, dolphins and so many other sea creatures. Life as always moves along in ways that you don’t expect. In 2001 we found ourselves back here in South Carolina. However, with a plan. That was to bring a style of eco-tourism that put nature ahead of profits.
Stewardship ahead of exploitation. We strive everyday to accomplish this.

This is why we are so exited about our new boat the Tursi-Ops. It is the only boat specifically designed from the keel up for dolphin cruises. You will not find a better platform to view dolphins from guaranteed. So come join us on the water and visit this blog for regular updates about our oceans and it’s inhabitants.

Thanks for reading,

Captain Mark