06 May We Do More Than Just Look At Dolphins

As the original and longest running Dolphin Watch along the Grand Strand, Blue Wave Adventures continually sets the bar for good stewardship of the environment. Years ago we sponsored the first and only conference in the area to encourage commercial operators to follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Dolphin Smart Program protocols. In addition to that on a daily basis we participate in Plus One Boating by taking a moment to remove trash from the ocean when we see it and can safely remove it. Now we are proud to announce that we have become a carbon negative activity. This means we will be sponsoring programs that offset our CO2 emissions by funding efforts that remove or reduce green house gases through cooleffect.org and carbonfootprint.com. This month we have sponsored the following programs around the world and here in the United States. We helped fund the protection of nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation in Peru,  South America. We helped to reduce carbon pollution by 50% per household in Uganda, Africa. In addition we supported technology that keeps Nitrous Oxide gases in Yazoo City MS., USA in check. Finally, we helped to capture Methane gas in Colorado, USA and convert it into energy.  So when you go on an adventure with us you are not only having a wonderful experience in nature you are also helping to promote a better and healthier ocean for Dolphins.


Captain Mark Collins