03 Sep Put ‘Dolphin Cruise Near Me’ On Your Vacation Google Search List

Put ‘Dolphin Cruise Near Me’ On Your Vacation Google Search List

When you plan a Murrells Inlet dolphin cruise, you’re combining two of the most popular vacation activities. A recent study shows that the top activities people perform while on vacation include sightseeing (55 percent), followed by experiencing local culture and cuisine (51 percent), visiting family (46 percent) and spending time in nature (45 percent). We invite you to plug in ‘dolphin cruise near me’ when you arrive along the Grand Strand, and enjoy sightseeing on the water while spending time in nature.

While dolphin cruises are one of the most popular beach vacation adventures, you’ll experience more than just dolphin sightings when you sail with the Blue Wave Adventures team. The views from our 42-foot Rigid Aluminum Vessel are unmatched. Sitting in any of the 40 seats available gives you the best seat on the boat. Enjoy 360-degree views, with nothing between your line of sight and the water.

For 90 minutes you’ll learn about the unique characteristics of dolphins and how they fill their days with hunting, playing, and protecting fellow dolphins. Our marine biologists have decades of experience working directly with dolphins and studying their actions. We invite you to bring your questions and learn while you take in the view.

Dolphin Cruise Myrtle Beach Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation this year for your family, you’re apart of the minority. Just more than one-third of Americans will take a trip with family, so make sure you take advantage of the time together. Schedule your tour time for the best dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach here. When you head to Blue Wave Adventures to take part in our dolphin tour family fun activities, we want you to enjoy each moment. Dress in casual clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet. Depending on the temperature, you may wish to dress in layers or bring a jacket. Don’t forget the sunscreen or camera – you’ll want to capture each moment as dolphins swim past and talk to one another. We have several Murrells Inlet dolphin cruise events throughout the day, but we highly recommend making a reservation to ensure you get your desired day and time.

Although you may have Googled ‘dolphin cruise near me,’ you’re likely to experience more ocean life than expected. The Blue Wave Adventures team regularly has sightings of sea turtles, jellyfish, or sharks. The many marine animals will make your trip a unique adventure that you can only experience on the ocean.

Top Family Fun Vacation Adventure

Dolphin tours are one of the most popular beach vacation things to do, and these photos show you why. For the families ready to include sightseeing in their itinerary, a dolphin tour cruise just south of Myrtle Beach will leave you with photos and memories to talk about for the next year. Whether you’re planning a fallcation for the cooler months or looking for can’t-miss adventures for your next family vacation, make the Myrtle Beach dolphin tour a part of your trip.

The Blue Wave Adventures team is excited to meet you and your family as you plan for an upcoming  Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise. Check out our FAQs page to learn more ahead of your trip.