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25 Nov Planning 5 Days in Myrtle Beach Next Summer?

Planning 5 Days in Myrtle Beach Next Summer?

So, it’s time to plan your family vacation for summer 2022. And, you’ve landed on one of the best places along the East Coast – Myrtle Beach. Now, you’re scratching your head trying to prioritize the many things to do in Myrtle Beach. You won’t get it all in over five days, but we can help you maximize your experience. After all, Myrtle Beach is full of unforgettable experiences. And, the team at Blue Wave Adventures are not only experts on dolphins, but we’re experts on Myrtle Beach things to do too.

Add These 5 Things to Your List of Myrtle Beach Things to Do

With only five days to spend in Myrtle Beach, you need to plan your days accordingly. So, we’ve put together a list of five of the best things to do that should be sure to make your list. We’re confident you’ll have such a fantastic time when you’re here that you’ll already be looking to plan a return trip.

1. A dolphin watch needs to be on your list of Myrtle Beach things to do

Of course, we’re dolphin tour operators, and we will tout our unique eco-friendly dolphin watch cruises. But we’re here to tell you that it will be well worth it. We have named over 40 dolphins in the area and can recognize them by sight. Not only that, but we provide an experience that allows you to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Further, we leave zero carbon footprint during our Myrtle Beach dolphin tours.

2. Fly high in the sky during a parasailing adventure

The Myrtle Beach area has over 60 miles of beaches, and one of the best places to view them is from the sky. Consider a parasailing adventure if you are looking to get an adrenaline rush and want to see the area from a bird’s eye view. The pressure of the air on your body while you are up in the sky can help relieve stress too. And, of course, that rush of adrenaline from the enjoyment will get your entire system going positively.

3. Get some exercise with a kayaking tour

A great way to explore the Murrells Inlet is by kayak, and the Blue Wave Adventures team offers a kayak experience like no further. Using the Osprey, the boat we use for our coastal expeditions, we launch inflatable kayaks and let you explore the area. We make our way deep into the most remote regions of the Murrells Inlet ecosystem. The Osprey serves as a “Mothership” for the kayak guides and enables you, the adventure seeker and outdoor enthusiast, to enjoy the best remote experiences to see nature and wildlife that would be otherwise nearly impossible to reach.

4. Check out Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

If you love marine animals and fish, then Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach is a place you will not want to miss. You’ll be able to come into close contact with sharks, stingrays, hermit crabs, and jellyfish. You’ll even be able to experience a world of eels, colorful fish, mermaids, and poisonous predators, making the museum a place that your children will love.

5. Enjoy seafood at one of the many Myrtle Beach seafood establishments

If you love seafood, then you won’t be disappointed when visiting Myrtle Beach. The area specialized in ocean delights, including fish, shrimp, crab, and oysters. And since the 60-mile coastline of the Grand Strand is also great for fishing, you may be able to enjoy a fresh catch at some of the local eating joints as well. Check out Bandito’s, Captain George’s, Flying Fish, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen, Mr. Fish, Rockefellers Raw Bar, or Sea Captain’s House for some of the freshest seafood in Myrtle Beach.