See dolphins on a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

21 Aug Place To See Dolphins In Myrtle Beach

Place To See Dolphins In Myrtle Beach

As with any other part of your family vacation or Myrtle Beach weekend adventure, you want the best experience when planning a dolphin cruise. If you are looking for the best place to see Dolphins in Myrtle Beach, look no further than the Blue Wave Adventures team. As the original and longest running dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach, we have crafted an exceptional experience that your entire family will enjoy.

So, whether you’re planning the adventure for the kids or just the young at heart, you can plan for a dolphin cruise that will be among the most memorable things to do on vacation. The Murrells Inlet area is one of the most active dolphin sites along the Grand Strand. When you pair the active lifestyle of the dolphins and other sea creatures with the knowledge and experience of our marine biologists, you’re sure to enjoy yourself and learn something new.

Best Time To See Dolphins

While any Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise will provide years of memories and photos, our team recommends the early morning dolphin cruise adventures for the most action. Dolphins are most active at the beginning of the day as they hunt for food and enjoy play time with one another. The 90-minute experience with our knowledgeable team is one of the best things to do while on your beach vacation. The dolphin tour is a fun, learning experience with our experienced staff.

Each tour is guided by a marine biologist with years of experience working with Dolphins. Our staff will share information about the dolphins and other marine life in the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet area throughout the tour. If you want to gain a little insight about these highly intelligent animals ahead of your Myrtle Beach dolphin tour, check out our interesting facts sheet about dolphins.

Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, weekend adventure or just looking for a little excitement along the coast, a Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise needs to be included. Come prepared with your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and camera and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s not only important to the Blue Wave Adventures team that you see and learn about the dolphins, it’s also a part of our mission to prolong their lives and better their habitat.

If we all want to enjoy dolphins for decades to come, we must take the proper steps to protect their environment. Incorporate these 10 simple steps into your family’s routine to help protect dolphins. The Blue Wave Adventures team is proud to offer residents and visitors to Murrells Inlet the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures close-up.

When you take the best Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise with Blue Wave Adventures, you get to experience the life of dolphins and explore the Murrells Inlet ecosystem. From the local flora to native sea creatures, our marine biologists will explain the environment and how each plays a vital role in the continued growth of the natural atmosphere.

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