Blue Wave Adventures Dolphin Cruise

01 Jun Our Myrtle Beach Dolphin Watch Has A Zero Carbon Footprint

Our Murrells Inlet dolphin cruise,  very popular in the the Myrtle Beach area, is a a zero carbon footprint company. We don’t believe climate change is happening we know it is happening. The science is overwhelmingly telling us that it is. We are also witnessing the effects of it first hand along our coastline. With that in mind we are doing our part to reduce and neutralize our carbon footprint. We support a group called that is made up of climate
scientist around the world that have developed different programs that will remove the same amount of carbon dioxide that we produce. We encourage all of our
customers to do the same.

How Does The Cool Effect Program Work?

Investing in an unforgettable Myrtle Beach event for your family comes with memories to last a lifetime. The dolphin cruise in Murrells Inlet offered by Blue Wave Adventures has ample opportunity for photos as our 42-foot Rigid Aluminum Vessel offers seating for 40. With 360-degree viewing on our dolphin tours, you can enjoy it all, no matter where you’re seated.

Photos from dolphin tours with Blue Wave Adventures show why this adventure is one of the most popular family fun activities on the beach. The 90-minute experience with our knowledgeable team is one of the best things to do while on your beach vacation.

Best Time Dolphin Cruise Myrtle Beach

Dolphins are one of the ocean’s most unique animals. Despite living in and loving the water, it’s possible for a dolphin to drown. Because a dolphin breathes through lungs, like a mammal, and not through gills, as a fish does, it must sleep near the surface so water doesn’t enter the blowhole. While sleeping, one half of the dolphin’s brain remains active to keep breathing. Because only a portion of the dolphin’s brain shuts down, the animals really don’t keep a concrete schedule.

It also means they do the majority of their play and food hunting during the bright sunlight hours. Blue Wave Adventures offers several tours throughout the day. In our experience, the morning tours – offered at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 12 p.m. – are the best opportunity for wildlife activity. You’ll often find that the early tours are less crowded and the water is generally more calm during this time.

For those hoping to spend a short stint of the 90-minute dolphin cruise taking in a beautiful sunset, the later evening may be a better choice. But with cruises running 7 days a week during the summer months, you’ll have ample opportunity to schedule the ideal trip.

Why Choose Blue Wave Adventures Dolphin Tour

While you’re sure to see the dolphins, you’ll also grab photos of some other amazing marine animals. It’s not uncommon to have a sea turtle, jellyfish, or shark sighting while we’re on the water. The advantage of sailing with the highly skilled Blue Wave Adventures team is the vast knowledge offered during each tour.

Each Murrells Inlet dolphin tour is manned with a highly-skilled marine biologist who will offer a storytelling experience with historical facts about the Murrells Inlet area, interesting facts about dolphins, and a glimpse inside other ocean wildlife. You’re invited to participate in the tour by asking questions about the dolphins or any other sea creature we discover along the way. Enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean, dolphins, and other marine life familiar to the Murrells Inlet area. Schedule your dolphin tour today.