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12 Dec Murrells Inlet Is The Place For Dolphin-Seeking Families

Murrells Inlet Is The Place For Dolphin-Seeking Families

Have you always found dolphins fascinating or have a child who loves the animal? Murrells Inlet is the place to plan your next vacation or family getaway. The entire Grand Strand coast is home to large populations of the Bottle Nose dolphin. South Carolina waters stay warm enough for the dolphins to enjoy year-round, so no matter when you visit, you’re sure to experience the life of dolphins.

Viewing dolphins in their natural habitat, like the ocean Inlet and rivers, is what Blue Wave Adventures is all about. While we want to provide memories that will last a lifetime, we also want to preserve the natural home of these dolphins. So, whether you’re just looking for a family-friendly attraction or want to learn more about the lives of these animals, our dolphin tours are a great option.

In addition to seeing these intelligent mammals on the Murrells Inlet dolphin cruise, you may also see a pod – family of dolphins – while kayaking along the Inlet. The calm waterways are a welcoming environment for the dolphins. As you plan your dolphin tour in Murrells Inlet, keep these trip details in mind.

Best Dolphin Sighting Time

The majority of dolphins’ play and food hunting happens during the bright sunlight hours. Blue Wave Adventures offers several tours throughout the day. In our experience, the morning tours – offered at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 12 p.m. – are the best opportunity for wildlife activity. You’ll often find that the early tours are less crowded, and the water is generally more calm during this time.

Best View

If you’re going to spend time on the water looking for dolphins, you want to have the best view possible. Your entire family will be comfortable on Blue Wave Adventures’ new custom-built 42-foot Rigid Aluminum Vessel. With 360-degree viewing, every seat is the best seat in the house! While the seats face forward, there’s enough space to get a great view of the dolphins from every angle. With seating for up to 40 passengers, we can handle large parties in one trip.

Knowledgeable Staff

Each dolphin tour with the Blue Wave Adventures team is filled with dolphin facts, tidbits about the ocean wildlife, and historical facts about the Murrells Inlet area. Our crew includes a Marine Biologist and a combined 20 plus years of experience with marine mammals. Seeing the dolphins is just the beginning of the fun, so come prepared with your questions, because we have the answers.

Environmentally Responsible

Blue Wave Adventures takes pride in protecting the dolphins and their environment. Not only does our team take time to remove waste from the ocean as we sail, but we’re also committed to being a zero-carbon business, supporting beach cleanups, and educating our tour guests on simple ways they can save the dolphins’ environment. At Blue Wave Adventures, we strive to create an environmentally-friendly experience for those who book our tours and for the dolphins, who serve as our star attraction.

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