Sea turtle in murrels inlet

18 Mar Murrells Inlet Ecosystem

Murrells Inlet Ecosystem

Beach vacations are made for days of fun in the sun, right? So, we get it when learning about the ecosystem seems out of place on vaca, but when that ecosystem education involves boat tours, we know the entire family will have fun. Eco tours in Murrells Inlet are a unique way to experience the various ocean animals, wildlife, and salt water marsh.

If you’ve been searching for “dolphin watch near me,” the search is over. Blue Wave Adventures is an action-packed way to experience the uniqueness of Murrells Inlet and create lasting memories on our dolphin tours. We are the dolphin experts. Captain Mark Collins operates the dolphin cruise boats and is a wealth of information when it comes to the Murrells Inlet ocean wildlife. He spent seven years working with whales and dolphins in the Hawaiian Islands and is happy to answer any of the questions you have along the eco tour.

Benefits Of Eco Tours

eco toursThe Blue Wave Adventures team takes pride in creating a fun, memorable time while offering education on what you see during the boat tour. As you boat across the ocean in search of the next sea creature, the team will explain the inner workings of the ecosystem and how it plays a role in the ecological and economic benefits of the region.

You may even learn how things you do each day could affect the ecosystem and ways to improve the outcome so the dolphins have a clean, safe place to live for years to come. Expect to see more than just the dolphins (although, they are admittedly the star of the show). You’ll also catch a glimpse of sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and more. Of course, the eco tours aren’t all about the animals. You’ll spot different species of fauna and flora as we sail through the waters.

The experience of the Blue Wave Adventures team is unmatched, giving you the best experience available during your Murrells Inlet dolphin tour.

As you cruise the ocean water and enjoy sights of dolphins splashing, sea turtles swimming, and jellyfish floating by, you experience the Murrells Inlet ecosystem at its best. Our eco tours are not only fun for the entire family, but they’re an amazing reminder of how each piece works together to create the beautiful landscape of the ocean.

Your knowledgeable and engaging eco tour guide gives historical facts of the area while identifying each creature that passes by. As marine biologists, the guides are also able to point out different plants in the ocean and how they each play a role in the ocean life.

There is no better way to learn about the animals and environment of the ocean than to become a part of the scene. Experience the eco tours first hand with your family. The pictures and knowledge from the boat tour will both last a lifetime.