13 Sep Marine Life Teaching Resources

Marine Life Teaching Resources

You can learn about anything online, even marine life! Don’t worry if you can’t get to the nearest ocean or attend live lectures because there are plenty of resources available online to teach you everything there is to know.

New programs emerge daily where you can immerse yourself into marine life through live web events, engaging activities, and even talking to the experts from the comfort of your own home.

Learning about marine life has never been easier, and we’ll give you a handful of official resources from the NOAA available now to take advantage of.

NOAA Live! Webinars

There’s no better way to connect with actual scientists in the field than a live session with them. NOAA hosts a weekly live webinar session running during the 2020-2021 school year. It’s catered to students grades 2-8.

You can watch the stream online every week on Wednesday at 4 pm EST. There is also a special Alaska feature series running on Tuesdays at 3 pm ETC.

Students can listen as experts talk about various topics from the industry and learn behind the scenes of working in the marine field. There are even sessions target directly at learning about dolphins.

The 45-minute live streams pack in lots of information, but in case you missed something, each session is recorded for later viewing.

NOAA Fisheries’ Fun Facts About Sea Life

If there’s one resource that you keep handy for learning about marine life, it’s the NOAA Fisheries’ Fun Facts About Sea Life. The platform is one of the most in-depth resources covering everything about sea life globally.

Users can browse various categories, including specific species, regions, diet, and conservation efforts. It covers thousands of topics.

If you’re curious to learn about dolphins, you’ll find everything that you need. Search your favorite dolphin species to find information about its appearance, lifespan, where they live, and recent news. It provides multimedia information to see photos and videos.

Zoo and Aquarium Videos and Activities

Just because you can’t get to your local zoo and aquarium doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on what your favorite animals are doing. Thanks to the association of Zoos & Aquariums, many of its registered venues across the country provide online activities and resources to aid with virtual learning.

Now, you can explore zoos and aquariums across the US to see various online events. Viewers can chat directly with zookeepers and aquarist, see animal spotlights, and even live streams of the animals in action.

It has resources for everyone with designated sections for teachers, students, and parents.

World Ocean Observatory’s Distance Learning Resources

Marine life thrives in the ocean, but do you know just how vast the ocean is? One of the best ways to better understand your favorite sea creatures is by learning about their environment. The World Ocean Observatory organization developed a comprehensive platform to learn everything there is to know about the ocean.

The distance learning resources provide an online curriculum to assist with homeschooling or people with a general curiosity about the ocean. Readers can get a broad scope of the sea through a series of curated information and a compiled list of additional resources.

CELC Network’s Online Resources

With so many organizations dedicated to marine life, it can be hard to visit them all. Luckily, the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC) tapped into its network to bring you a lot of virtual activities for fun and education to enjoy at home.

CELC Network’s online resources focus on creating a new aquarium experience that’s more engaging for the visitors. Viewers can see animal training videos, take virtual tours, explore behind the scenes of marine labs, and see various exhibitions.

The network even includes events and activities from the South Carolina Aquarium.

BRIDGE Ocean Education

BRIDGE is one of the leading organizations for ocean education, and now, you get access to a lot more of their online resources. It’s one of the best marine life resources for those interested in a scientific approach to the subject.

BRIDGE Ocean Education is a platform designated for teachers – either professional or home teaching. It ranges from student activities, career exploration, and even real data analyses collected by the organization.

Users can get hands-on learning with interactive activities and gain access to competition and scholarship opportunities for immersing in the marine science field.

Aquarium Online Academy

The Aquarium Online academy is located in California, but they’re introducing more of their expertise and resources to the online community to learn about marine life. Their platform hosts several live videos and on-demand content to explore from anywhere in the world.

Aquarium Online Academy includes programs targeted for all age groups – young children, grade school, and adults. The main goal is to promote conservation efforts by introducing ideas for ocean sustainability.

The platform offers everything from expert talks sharing ideas of preservation to details on how you can get involved in your community to aid in the efforts. It even provides some entertainment with marine films and live streams.

It hopes to inspire the new generation, so there’s plenty to explore through their portal.

National Ocean Service’s Just for Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones that can have fun learning about marine life. National Ocean Service’s developed a resource focused on making marine life learning educational, yet fun. In a platform with specially curated activities, kids have everything they need to explore the underwater world.

National Ocean Services offers a wide range of activities, including learning videos, online puzzles, printable coloring sheets, and even activities to take outside. Kids can learn about their favorite animals through coloring exercises or explore in-depth marine topics line conservation taught in a captivating way.

Kids will never run out of things to do and can look forward to hours of fun completing each of the activities on the platform. Marine life has never been so fun, and you can access it all for free online.

Whether exploring the platform for fun or education, kids will soon be experts on marine life.