13 Oct More Marine Life Learning Resources and Free Coloring Book Download

More Marine Life Learning Resources and Free Coloring Book Download

We love sharing our love of the waters with the whole family. There’s nothing like see kids, of all ages, smile when the see dolphins playing or that look of “wow” when they learn something knew about dolphins.

Online Learning: Marine Life Learning Resources For Kids

Whether you homeschool or are just looking for fun things to learn about dolphins and marine life, below are a group of trusted resources for learning all about marine life.

  • Ocean Service – Follow this link https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/kids/ and at your fingertips are activities and games for kids to learn about marine life.
  • Dive and Discover – Man, oh man! This website has some cool activities and virtual ways go on “Expeditions To The Seafloor”…you will fall down a rabbit hole if interesting expeditions, your kids will like it too. https://divediscover.whoi.edu/ 
  •  Planet Protectors Club – This page of resources on protecting our planet is brought to you by the EPA. There are resources for teachers as well. https://www.epa.gov/students/planet-protectors-activities-kids
  • Google Earth – Another website filled with fascinating rabbit holes that are worth your time. Dive deep into oceans and waters around the world and learn about the cultures around them and the life in them. https://www.google.com/earth/
  • Ocean – Find Your Blue – A Smithsonian organization with pages and pages to explore about marine life, from history to know, and ways to help preserve. Great resource for all ages. https://ocean.si.edu/

There are many wonderful sites out there to get lost in, and if you want to find more read our blog here. Also, don’t forget to download our fun Marine Life Coloring Book! Click here: Marine Life Coloring Book For Kids Free Download