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13 Oct Is October a Good Time to See Dolphins in Myrtle Beach?

Is October a Good Time to See Dolphins in Myrtle Beach?

Dolphin tours remain at the top of the list of things to do in Myrtle Beach for most families planning to visit the Grand Strand. And why wouldn’t it be? So many things make a memorable Murrells Inlet dolphin tour, from learning about these fun and quirky creatures to learning about how Blue Wave Adventures practices eco-friendly touring. And on top of all of that, the views along the boat ride are outstanding, offering everyone on board excellent viewing of these magnificent animals.

But, we do get asked quite frequently if October is a good time to see dolphins in Myrtle Beach. And we’re here to tell you that indeed it is!

October is a great time to see dolphins in Myrtle Beach

Starting at the end of September, the winds begin to shift to the north. This means that come October, dolphins who live off of the Virginia and North Carolina coasts will start to work their way south. As a result, you will have excellent opportunities of spotting dolphins from October to November. Not only are your chances good, but even as we get closer to November, you will enter the peak migration period where dolphins tend to be traveling in packs to warmer climates, meaning many can be seen in the waters surrounding the Myrtle Beach area.

This all said, not all dolphins leave the area in the winter. So, even if you visit later in the year, you may see a dolphin in the water, even when tours are no longer operating for the winter months. Those dolphins who winter off the shore are generally the same type of dolphins as those who choose to migrate. So, in March, those who wintered to the south will make the swim back north again. Therefore, if you don’t get to Myrtle Beach in October but still want to avoid the busy tourist season, March and April are excellent months to catch a glimpse of these sleek animals, especially in the morning hours.

Book your October dolphin tour now!

If you plan a trip to Myrtle Beach in October, now is the time to book your dolphin sight-seeing adventure. Though tours tend to operate regularly, there are fewer tours available than during peak season. Blue Wave Adventures offers an average of two mid-afternoon dolphin tours per week, so the sooner you book, the more likely you are to get in for a tour on the day that you want.

Before packing for your trip to Myrtle Beach, take some time to research what to wear on your dolphin tour. As October starts to get a bit cooler, be sure to dress for the elements and be prepared with layers. We always suggest that you bring a hat, and we also recommend that you have a long-sleeved t-shirt available to wear during the fall season as the air can get a bit chilly, especially when out on the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen either, as though it might not be as sunny, those UV rays are still intense.

We look forward to seeing you and showing you that October is a great time to see dolphins and that the best way to see dolphins is by way of a Blue Wave Adventures eco-tour. So we’ll see you soon!