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15 May Health Benefits Of Murrells Inlet Kayaking

Health Benefits Of Murrells Inlet Kayaking

Kayaking tours in Murrells Inlet offer more than a unique way to see the ecosystem and landscape. While you don’t have to be a superb athlete to enjoy kayaking, there are a number of health benefits that come with the experience. Grab a friend or the entire family and plan your kayaking trip in Murrells Inlet to take advantage of these benefits.

Offers Mental Clarity

Kayaking is an adventure that consumes your entire body. From the muscles you use to power the vessel to the experience of being among nature, the adventure helps boost your mental clarity. The physical activity produces endorphins in the brain, creating a happy, peaceful feeling. You’ll also enjoy the tranquility of being on the water and disconnected from the fast-paced world.

Gives Your Brain A Rest

Even if you don’t face a high level of stress each day, the stimulants you experience everyday can be overwhelming to the brain. From traffic lights along the hectic morning commute, text messages, marketing emails and the crowds of people you battle for a ride on the elevator, your brain needs a rest. Water has been proven to offer that relaxing disconnect from overstimulation. Your brain senses the decreased stimulants and allows you to enjoy kayaking in the moment.

Creates A Social Atmosphere

Whether you go with a crowd of friends or join another group interested in Murrells Inlet kayaking, you’re sure to increase your social circle. While you may not think of being social as a health benefit, studies show that building a strong social life is just as important as a healthy diet when it comes to happiness and longevity. Whether you head out for a tour or take lessons, be open to the social aspect of kayaking.

Builds Upper Body Strength

In order to move your kayak forward, you must engage your arms, back and shoulders. Completing a proper stroke calls for each of the upper body muscles to work. On average, you’ll complete roughly 500 strokes per mile. Even at a slow to moderate pace of three miles an hour, you’ll get a great upper body workout.

Good Source Of Vitamin D

While we’re huge fans of protecting your skin with sunscreen, there’s also a wonderful benefit to kayaking Murrells Inlet outdoors. Spending significant amounts of time outside come with a huge benefit. As you glide across the water, your body absorbs the necessary Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones and teeth, support your immune system, and increase your happiness level.

Opportunity To Learn New Things

Health-Benefits-Of-Murrells-Inlet-KayakingKayaking in Murrells Inlet gives you an up close and personal experience with wildlife that you can’t experience in any other way. From the natural vegetation to animals native to the area, you’ll experience it firsthand. Mothership Kayaking with Blue Wave Adventures is a great way to see parts of nature that are difficult to find on your own. Even for those who live in the region, the kayak guides offer insights into unknown areas.

If you want to experience the fun and benefits of kayaking, check out the trip details of our explorative tours.