a picture of the dolphin cruise boat Tursi Ops in Myrtle Beach

17 Aug Fun Things to Do On Dolphin Tour Near Me

Fun Things to Do On Dolphin Tour Near Me

As the seasons change, the horizon along the Murrells Inlet is often dotted with the shiny fins of dolphins along Myrtle Beach coastline and into the Atlantic Ocean. In the early morning and evenings our dolphin friends are a regular sight anywhere you go in the area. Here we offer you some of our best-loved Myrtle Beach fun things to do in Myrtle Beach. 

It quite interesting watching dolphins from a comfortable beach chair, but if you want the experience of a lifetime in dolphin watching you should be in the water with them. Jump onto one of our boat tours and get acquainted with dolphins close up and other fascinating creatures like sea turtles, bald eagles, brown pelicans, and more. Our fun-filled tours run all through spring, summer and fall. You are safe in the hands of our efficient and experienced marine educators who are knowledgeable about conservation and approved viewing activities. Our tours are fun-filled, yet educational because we teach you about ecology, sustainability and conservation, and world issue -awareness.

Myrtle Beach Boat Tours


To find out about our delightful boat tours, head on to the Crazy Sister Marina dock at the Murrells Inlet and hop unto the Tursi-Ops for our amazing Myrtle Beach dolphin watch tour. This 1.5 hour boat tour takes passengers on a cruise through the Murrells Inlet, a saltwater estuary, and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Tursi-Ops is spacious with a seating capacity of 40 passengers with each passenger occupying their own seat and there’s great viewing for all. We offer the best dolphin watch cruise including sightings of Rays, Sea Turtles, Sharks, and any other wildlife.

Tursi-Ops: Private  Boat Charter

Experience the dolphins and other wildlife sightings with just you and your family or a small group of friends. We have the perfect option for you. So, if you are in need a private charter, you can rent the Tursi-Ops for your own convenience. No crowd, just you and your group fully engaged in your dolphin tour near me experience.


The Osprey is a 30ft. R.A.V.I that offers two options: the Premium Dolphin Watch Experience and the Premium Private Charter. The Osprey allows you to get close up to the dolphins and get into the action. Be prepared to get wet in the Premium Dolphin Watch Experience. Here you sit on the inflatable tubing that allows you to get a close-up view of the dolphins.

The Premium Private Charter allows you and your group to get a special view of the dolphins and other marine life. So if you need a unique dolphin experience away from the crowd, you can charter the Osprey. With the Premium Private Charter, you and your group are ensured of a unique, fun-filled on -the- water dolphin adventure.

Coastal Tours

For more Myrtle Beach fun things to do, you can join in our Coastal Tours. Our guides offer you a fantastic tour heading out from the dock and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Heading back from your dolphin and wildlife tour, the return trip takes you into the scenic Murrells Inlet. You can go kayaking on our specialized kayaks launched from the Oprey and paddle out to the secluded beach where you may get the chance of rare sightings of dolphins along the way. If you are not kayaking inclined, you can opt for playing in the calm water of the inlet, or go hunting for shells and shark teeth or just to enjoy a stroll on the delightful beach.

After the coastal tour, we head back to the OSPREY for a cruise through the Murrells Inlet and back to the dock at Crazy Sister Marina.

After docking, check out the Marshwalk in the Murrells Inlet it offers you Waterfront Dining at its best. With seven of the top-rated restaurants in the area, you can enjoy a tasty meal of fresh seafood in comfy surroundings with warm breezes and live music. So, why not add to the fun of your dolphin tour by visiting the Marshwalk where there is lots of fun, a splendid view, and groovy music?