Dolphin sighting on the Tursi-Ops Dolphin Tour in Myrtle Beach

05 Aug Fun Facts About Dolphins

If you’d like to study dolphins in person, you may find yourself at Myrtle Beach dolphin watching. But you’ll also find them all over the world. Here are some facts that may even enhance your connection with any dolphin when you see them.

  1. Dolphin offspring are close to their mothers. They can remain in the pack with mom for 3 to 8 years.
  2. With 2 stomachs, Dolphins can use one for food storage and the other is for digestion.
  3. Dolphins are impressive divers. You may be lucky enough to see this if you tour Myrtle Beach dolphin tours. They can reach 1,000 feet in a dive underwater.
  4. While dolphins will live to be about 17 on average, some dolphins live up to 50 years.
  5. There are about 40 varieties of dolphins out there. Most of them you will find in the saltwater but they could survive in freshwater. A dolphin can measure anywhere between 3-4 feet long and 30 feet long.
  6. Dolphins are a very caring species. They help sick or injured members of the species. They also care for the elderly dolphins in their “pod”. The pod is the group in which dolphins live.
  7. Dolphins might be the ideal mate. Beyond being the friendliest and very caring animals’ dolphins are extremely intelligent. Scientists came to this conclusion based on the size of a dolphin’s brain as compared to their body. Only humans have a bigger brain than dolphins.
  8. If dolphins sat at the dinner table with humans, they would be scolded for eating their food too fast. Dolphins don’t chew their food. Their teeth exist for catching their prey.
  9. Considering the friendly nature of dolphins, it may not surprise you to know they give one another names. They are distinct whistles that they can recognize as belonging to specific dolphins.
  10. Again, like the intelligence of dolphins, part of their brain is alert and awake while the other half is sleeping. This way they can watch for predators when they are sleeping. This also allows them to breathe while they sleep.
  11. Dolphins do not limit their friendliness to other dolphins. Dolphins are friendly with humans as well. You will even see them teasing other dolphins for fun.
  12. When you want to find the biggest type of dolphin, you will come to a name that you may not expect of a dolphin… killer whale! They can measure up to a whopping 30 feet long.
  13. Although dolphins are not traditionally migratory animals, if dolphins are not having their food needs met, they will migrate in search of that food. They will keep to a climate appropriate for their bodies.
  14. Dolphins have delicate skin. On the plus side, dolphin skin heals quickly.
  15. Dolphins can move as quickly as 20 miles per hour. You’ll find that the most common speed falls more in line 3-7 miles per hour.

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