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22 Jan Find Eco-Friendly Entertainment With a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour

Find Eco-Friendly Entertainment With a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour

When you’re on vacation, you want to be able to experience all the most fun attractions of the area. In Myrtle Beach, it’s easy to keep the family entertained while looking out for the environment at the same time! Blue Wave Adventures offers Myrtle Beach dolphin tours that are not only fun for the whole family but also support a great cause. Read on to discover how Blue Wave has teamed up with Cool Effect as part of their effort to advocate for good stewardship to our planet.

About Cool Effect

In its work as an eco-friendly company, Blue Wave supports a number of state, national, and international organizations aimed at preserving and improving our planet’s health. One of the most well-known international organizations that Blue Wave supports is Cool Effect: Carbon Pollution Reduction.

Cool Effect engages in projects around the world to reduce our carbon footprint and battle against climate change. This non-profit organization was founded in 1998 and works to identify projects around the world that could have significant potential to reduce greenhouse gases. Then, the experts at Cool Effect go to work researching, confirming financials, and coming up with the best ways to offset carbon emissions on a measurable scale.

Cool Effect is a proud non-profit organization who spends more than 90% of all money received going straight back into their cause. The only money coming back into Cool Effect itself is a 9.87% fee that covers research, credit charges, and any registration fees they may encounter.

How Blue Wave is Helping

If you’re searching for ecotours in Myrtle Beach, embarking on an adventure with Blue Wave is a great way to have fun while contributing to a good cause. In keeping with their support of Cool Effect, Blue Wave is a zero carbon footprint company. Climate change is already showing itself throughout the South Carolina coastline, but Cool Effect’s efforts are helping to offset the carbon emissions of these Myrtle Beach dolphin tours, making for eco-friendly entertainment for the whole family.

But that’s not all that Blue Wave is doing to protect the planet. Blue Wave recycles as many spare parts and boxes as possible, and they even bring a pool net along on their tours to pick up any trash they happen to find in the water!

When you’re out on a dolphin tour with Blue Wave, you’ll not only get to see the majestic dolphins; you’ll get to learn about them, too! The staff at Blue Wave continue their eco-conscious efforts by educating every guest about the amazing animals in our waters and what we can do to support and protect them. Once you leave, you’ll not only know more about dolphins but will also have a new perspective on ecology and sustainability.

Between all the other fun things you’ve got planned for your Myrtle Beach getaway, be sure to make a trip down to Murrells Inlet and book a dolphin tour with Blue Wave Adventures. You’ll get to experience an exciting eco-tour with your family and do your part for ensuring these stunning dolphins have a comfortable home for years to come.