Family on a Dolphin Cruise

09 Mar Dolphin Tours – Family Fun Activities

Dolphin Tours – Family Fun Activities

family fun activitiesAs you consider family fun activities during your vacation, you want to consider events that will be fun for the entire family. From the wide-eyes children who would be content staying at the pool or beach all day, to the parents determined to make memorable moment before the trip is over, dolphin cruises are a win on everyone’s list.

Dolphin tours are one of the most popular beach vacation things to do, and you can easily see why just by looking at the photos. The one and a half our dolphin tour with Blue Wave Adventures is so much more than seeing dolphins swim. Our expert staff has spent decades studying and working with dolphins and other marine animals, so as the tour progresses, they’ll share their knowledge of the ocean life with you. While the kids share excitement over the dolphins, adults can take in the beautiful view and relax. Your family will be safe and comfortable on the 42-foot Rigid Aluminum Vessel that offers seating for 40.

Views of the ocean and its wildlife are available from every angle, so no matter where you’re sitting, you have the best seat on the ship.

Steps To Enjoy Your Dolphin Tour

It’s not shocking that July and August are the most popular months for a family vacation, so making your reservation early will guarantee you get a space on the dolphin cruise for the date and time you want. The dolphins are generally most active in the morning, so opt for one of the earlier times when you make your reservation.

Bring the camera! Each dolphin tour is unique, so even if you’re returning for your second (or 7th) tour, you’re sure to see something you haven’t experienced before.

Ask all the questions you’d like! The Blue Wave Adventures team is educated and experienced in marine wildlife and dolphin behaviors. Bring all the questions you can think of for our crew and we’ll help answer them throughout the dolphin tour.

Be prepared for more than just dolphins. Although it’s rightfully titled a “dolphin tour,” this cruise isn’t short on ocean wildlife. From sea turtles and sharks to sting rays and ocean flora, you’ll see parts of the ocean you don’t get to experience close to the shore.

Beyond The Dolphin Cruise

The goal of the Blue Wave Adventures team is that you have so much fun on the dolphin tour, that you want to explore other ways to have fun on the water. Choose from GulfStream deep sea fishing, Sea Bass fishing, ocean sightseeing cruise, shark fishing and more. If you want to explore the water with your family, rent jet skis, a kayak, or paddle board. The list of family fun activities you can experience with Blue Wave Adventures is endless.

Your family is invited to join the legendary dolphin cruise to experience the ocean like never before. Create the memories of a lifetime and discover new ways to enjoy the ocean with our many excursions or rental options.