a picture of Garden City Beach South Carolina

03 Dec Things to Do in Garden City Beach, South Carolina

If you are looking to plan your next getaway, a visit to Garden City Beach, South Carolina, might be in order. Located just south of Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach is a delightful beach community that tourists love for its family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Garden...

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Dolphins swimming next to a Blue Wave Dolphin Tour Boat

12 Nov Top WEIRD Dolphin Questions Answered Part 2

We get asked a lot of questions about dolphins. And, this should come as no surprise, as, after all, we’re in the business of providing sightseeing tours and Myrtle Beach dolphin cruises. Though we aren’t dolphin experts, we have come to learn a lot about...

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Dolphins in Myrtle Beach

15 Oct A Brief Lessons on Dolphins

Dolphins have long been a favorite cetacean animal amongst children and adults alike. Dolphins are a fan favorite due to their friendly faces and fantastic ocean acrobatics as they demonstrate grace, beauty, and agility. But aside from their frivolity, dolphins are also famous amongst humans...

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a picture of the dolphin cruise boat Tursi Ops in Myrtle Beach

17 Aug Fun Things to Do On Dolphin Tour Near Me

Fun Things to Do On Dolphin Tour Near Me As the seasons change, the horizon along the Murrells Inlet is often dotted with the shiny fins of dolphins along Myrtle Beach coastline and into the Atlantic Ocean. In the early morning and evenings our dolphin friends...

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Dolphin sighting on the Tursi-Ops Dolphin Tour in Myrtle Beach

05 Aug Fun Facts About Dolphins

If you’d like to study dolphins in person, you may find yourself at Myrtle Beach dolphin watching. But you’ll also find them all over the world. Here are some facts that may even enhance your connection with any dolphin when you see them. Dolphin offspring...

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13 Jul How Many Types of Dolphins Are There?

Are you looking for more information on dolphins? Are you researching or writing a paper about marine life for school and need to know what types of dolphins there are? Okay, here you go! Family Delphinidae (Oceanic dolphins): Long-Beaked Common Dolphin, Delphinus capensis Short-Beaked Common Dolphin,...

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02 Feb Best Myrtle Beach Vacation Attractions

Best Myrtle Beach Vacation Attractions More than 14 million people travel to the Myrtle Beach area each summer. With more than 1,500 restaurants and nearly as many attractions, it’s impossible to do everything along the Grand Strand. To make the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation,...

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