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06 May Add an A to Z Scavenger Hunt to Your List of Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

Add an A to Z Scavenger Hunt to Your List of Things to Do in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a great vacation spot for singles, couples, friends, families, and anything in between. And though there is plenty to do for everyone, we know that it can be challenging to keep kids entertained, even when on vacation. That’s why we created this list of fun things to do for families with young children. So if you are heading to Myrtle Beach for a family getaway this summer 2021, be sure to make a copy of this list and get your scavenger hunt goggles on.

26 Things to Look for or Do in Myrtle Beach, A to Z

  1. A is for Austin’s Ocean One Restaurant in Pawleys Island, only 40 minutes from Myrtle Beach is a great place for a family dinner overlooking the water
  2. B is for Boats – there are no shortage of boats in the area, especially when inlet boat rentals are a popular thing to do in Myrtle Beach
  3. C is for Carolina – have your child be on the lookout for a sign that says Welcome to South Carolina 
  4. D is for Dolphins – Myrtle Beach is one of the best places for dolphin watching 
  5. E is for Eagles – eagles are known to soar high in the sky about the waters of Murrells Inlet, so be on the lookout for our majestic national bird
  6. F is for Fish – the Murrell’s Inlet has dozens of varieties of fish – keep those eyes peeled!
  7. G is for Golf – with over 90 golf courses to choose from, spotting some golfing greens should be easy
  8. H is for Herons – these large fish-eating wading birds have long legs, a long-pointed bill, and a long S-shaped neck
  9. I is for Italian – most kids love spaghetti, so have them be on the lookout for an Italian restaurant for one night’s dinner
  10. J is for Jellyfish – though they aren’t something you want to get up close and personal with, keep your eyes peeled for some jellyfish during any dolphin watch cruise that you might partake in
  11. K is for Kites – be on the lookout for people flying a kite on one of the many beaches 
  12. L is for Lemonade – lemonade is served at many of the Myrtle Beach restaurants and is a great beverage to help you cool down
  13. M is for Mini Golf – if 18 holes of golf doesn’t interest you or your kids, try a mini golf game – you’ll find plenty of options along the Grand Strand
  14. N is for Nance Plaza – located on the north corner of Main Street and 9th Avenue, this little park is worth a quick visit
  15. O is for Oystercatcher – these coastal wading birds have either black-and-white or all-black plumage along with a strong orange-red bill and can often be found feeding on shellfish
  16. P is for Paddle Boards – if you have never tried paddle boarding, make this the year you rent a paddle board from Crazy Sister Marina 
  17. Q is for Quiet – add a quiet time break to your busy day in Myrtle Beach so that you can rest and recuperate before heading out for your next activity
  18. R is for Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach – kids will enjoy the live penguin cam, the stingray experience, and learning more about the many sea creatures of the Myrtle Beach area
  19. S is for Sharks – yes, there are sharks in the Myrtle Beach area and you may catch a glimpse of one during an outing on the water 
  20. T is for Teddy Bears – Build-a-Bear Workshop is a great indoor escape and break from the heat, plus will give your child something to cuddle with while fast asleep after a long day in Myrtle Beach
  21. U is for Underwater – stop at one of the piers and have your child see what they can identify swimming under the water 
  22. V is for Vegetables – have your child pick their favorite vegetable to go with their meal 
  23. W is for wax – don’t forget to make a visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach
  24. X is for eXtra sunscreen – we know this one is cheating, but it is important to be sun safe, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen to keep your skin protected during the sunny days 
  25. Y is for Yacht – can your child locate a yacht floating by?
  26. Z is for zebra mussels – this invasive species can be spotted along the bottom of boats