See dolphins on a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

11 Dec 7 Ways Blue Wave Adventures Is A Responsible Dolphin Tour Company

When you choose attractions during your Myrtle Beach vacation, you may not stop to consider the business’ core values. However, scheduling a dolphin cruise in Murrells Inlet should remind you of the need to protect these beautiful sea creatures. At Blue Wave Adventures, we strive to create an environmentally-friendly experience for those who book our tours and the dolphins, who serve as our star attraction.

Zero Carbon

Blue Wave Adventures is a zero-carbon footprint company. A net-zero carbon footprint, or carbon neutrality, refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether. With fewer emissions of greenhouse gases, we can help prevent major weather events and balance the earth’s climate.

Gather Trash

During each dolphin tour, the Blue Wave Adventures team uses a pool net to collect trash from the ocean. By removing plastics and other wastes from the water, the dolphins and hundreds of other sea creatures have a safer place to live.

Beach Clean Up

The trash that ends up in the ocean often comes from along the shoreline. The Blue Wave Adventures team picks up trash from along the beach to ensure it doesn’t end up in the water, threatening the dolphins and other animals. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash – most of it plastic -is dumped in the world’s oceans every year. We’re doing our part to reduce that number.

Earth Educators

Any dolphin tour with the Blue Wave Adventures team is more than a day on the water. Our tours are led by marine biologists who have worked with dolphins for decades. When we share our 42-foot vessel with you and your family, we invite your questions and will teach you about ecology, sustainability, and world issue-awareness throughout the tour.

Support Eco-friendly Groups

We understand that we can’t save the world or its oceans on our own, so we support different organizations throughout the state that back our eco-friendly core values. The Blue Wave Adventures team supports Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic (SODA), Oceans’ Heroes Project (OHP), All-4-Paws, and Baskerville Food Pantry.


There are more than 300 recycling companies in South Carolina, and we’re determined to keep them busy. The trash we collect from the ocean along the shore is recycled to help protect our planet. With less waste hitting our landfills, we can all breathe a little easier.

No Swimming Allowed

While we want you and your family to enjoy the fun language and playfulness of the dolphins, there’s no swimming allowed with the animals on our tours. The Blue Wave Adventures team wants to preserve the natural instincts of the dolphins, so we don’t attempt to corral them, train them or get our boat too close. We want to create a safe distance that still allows you to get great photos. Unlike many dolphin tour attractions that allow you to touch or swim with the animals, we are totally hands-free.