Murrells Inlet Dolphin Tour

03 Jan 5 Reasons To Plan A Murrells Inlet Dolphin Tour

5 Reasons To Plan A Murrells Inlet Dolphin Tour

Travel experts say you should plan your family vacation 3 to 6 months in advance. If you’re traveling with a large group, shoot for 6 to 12 months ahead of time. If you’re already in vaca planning mode, the Blue Wave Adventures team wants to help you plan the itinerary. A Murrells Inlet dolphin tour is a must-include event, whether you’re planning a Myrtle Beach spring break trip or plan to be on the South Carolina coast in the middle of summer.

The beach may be what draws you to Murrells Inlet, but the South Strand isn’t short on adventure. Skip the responsibility of renting a boat and come join the Blue Wave Adventures team for one of our many dolphin cruise tours. We have 5 reasons you’ll love the experience.

Best Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour

  1. Blue Wave Adventures is an eco-friendly attraction. Our crew has worked directly with dolphins for more than two decades. Protecting the dolphin’s habitat is our top priority. While we want you to enjoy the dolphins as they play and talk, we also want you to walk away understanding that humans are responsible for contaminating their home. There are simple ways we can all help save the ocean and our beloved dolphins.
  2. Experience sea creatures in their natural habitat. We know there are several attractions that showcase ocean life in large aquariums and shows, but there’s nothing like seeing these animals up close in their own home. Dolphins will be the main attractions, but during our Murrells Inlet dolphin tour, you also have an opportunity to see jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks, and sting rays.
  3. A Murrells Inlet dolphin tour is a family fun activity. Whether your crew is filled with young ones or just young at heart, the Blue Wave Adventures dolphin tour will be a great time. The entire family will make memories for a lifetime. And with 360-degree views from each seat, everyone gets to see the action.
  4. The water helps you relax. If planning a vacation is stressing you out, a dolphin tour will help ease the tension. Science shows water lowers anxiety levels and promotes better mental clarity. Enjoy the benefits of a dolphin tour long after the cruise has ended.
  5. The Blue Wave Adventures team makes learning fun. Each of our Murrells Inlet dolphin tours is manned by a marine biologist. After nearly two decades of working side-by-side with dolphins, our team can answer your questions and share rare facts about dolphins you may have never known. You’ll get to see these awesome sea creatures up close and personal and walk away with a wealth of information.

The Blue Wave Adventures team is one of the top ranked tours in Murrells Inlet, according to TripAdvisor. Enjoy the view, grab photos with dolphins, and ask all the questions you’d like! The Blue Wave Adventures team is educated and experienced in marine wildlife and dolphin behaviors. Book your trip now to ensure you have a seat when your family arrives in Murrells Inlet.