12 Aug 3 Reasons To Plan A Dolphin Cruise This Summer

3 Reasons To Plan A Dolphin Cruise This Summer

Whether you’re visiting Myrtle Beach for a holiday weekend or enjoying an extended vacation along the coast, you must incorporate a Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise into your trip. Whether you’re planning the adventure for the kids or just the young at heart, the entire family will agree a dolphin cruise with Blue Wave Adventures tops the list of things to do on vacation.

Experiencing the moments when the dolphins leap from the water and having all of your questions answered by our expert staff makes for an amazing experience. Whether it’s your first time experiencing the dolphin sightings or you’re new to one of our dolphin tours, you’re sure to find something to love about the trip. Dolphins are most active in the morning hours, so if you can find a seat on one of our early trips out to sea, grab it! We have the top three reasons to plan for a Murrells Inlet dolphin tour this summer.

It’s More Than Photos

We understand the dolphin play and squeaky talk is what lures you to the Murrells Inlet dolphin tour, but your trip with Blue Wave Adventures will be so much more than photos of dolphins. Each Murrells Inlet dolphin tour is manned with a highly-skilled marine biologist who will offer a storytelling experience with historical facts about the Murrells Inlet area, interesting facts about dolphins, and a glimpse inside other ocean wildlife. We not only want you to experience the dolphins, we want you to understand them. From their language and sleeping patterns to their eating habits and threats to their home, we pack dolphin facts into each tour.

Meet More Than Dolphins

Be prepared for more than just dolphins. The sea is home to some adventurous creatures and as we sail through the waters, you’re sure to meet a few of them. Although it’s rightfully titled a “dolphin tour,” this cruise isn’t short on ocean wildlife. From sea turtles and sharks to sting rays and ocean flora, you’ll see parts of the ocean you don’t get to experience close to the shore. Bring your camera to capture the moments as fish and other sea life swim along the side of the boat.

It Becomes A Tradition

After you enjoy your first dolphin cruise, we know you’ll return for more fun. A short trip to Murrells Inlet or a week in Myrtle Beach, and the dolphin tour will be one of the first family-fun activities you do. While the kids love to see the dolphins dance on water, adults can enjoy the excitement as well. The Blue Wave Adventures team is convinced you’ll love the dolphin tour so much, you’ll want to spend even more time on the water. Whether you want to plan a Sea Bass fishing trip, rent jet skis, or go for a shark fishing adventure, we have the availability to make it happen.

Create the memories of a lifetime and discover new ways to enjoy the ocean with a Murrells Inlet dolphin tour. Contact us now to book your trip.