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12 Dec 2021 Myrtle Beach Vacation Planning

With 2020 now behind us in our review mirrors, many are looking to the future and starting to think about vacation planning. With so much time spent indoors during the pandemic, the chances are that if you are planning a vacation, you are looking for a place with plenty of things to do and lots of fresh air. Myrtle Beach, SC, has long been known as a popular destination vacation place full of sightseeing tours and relaxation areas.

Myrtle Beach Weather is Perfect for Year-Round Visits

Myrtle Beach offers mild winters with an average high of 57 degrees in January and warm and sunny summers with temperatures around 90 degrees in July. With weather this good, it is hard to find a wrong time to visit. The key to planning your trip is to decide what things you want to do and the best time of year to do them. If you plan a dolphin watch cruise with Blue Wave Adventures, it’s essential to know that South Carolina is considered a waypoint for migratory animals, such as dolphins. In November and December, dolphins will start moving south to warmer waters and then begin working their way back north in March or April.

If you plan a trip to Myrtle Beach in 2021, you must know of the boat tours and sightseeing tours available to you. Be sure that you include the best dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach on your list too. Dolphins are best observed in their natural habitat in the morning and during the evening, but tours at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. will offer the best sea conditions for wildlife viewing.
In addition to dolphin seeing tours, Myrtle Beach offers various tours, including day trips to Charleston, Waccamaw River nature and wildlife tours, Segway tours, luaus, and dinner shows, kayak, and paddleboard adventures, surf lessons, Myrtle Beach history, and so much more. No matter your interests and whether or not a dolphin tour makes the list, Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone.

Life is Unpredictable – Plan Ahead for your Myrtle Beach, SC Vacation

We know for sure that life is unpredictable, and 2020 proved that far more than any of us could have anticipated. Though Myrtle Beach area beaches and businesses have been reopening to the public, visitors must plan to visit responsibly. This means that you should monitor your health up to and right before heading to Myrtle Beach. Depending on when you plan to visit, you may still be required to wear your mask in certain areas and practice social distancing.
Purchasing travel insurance can help ensure that you and your loved one are protected if the unexpected happens. Trip insurance covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical emergencies, and more. Whether you are planning a Myrtle Beach group or a family vacation, and one at a beach house or one involving some water skiing, one policy can provide coverage for up to 20 people, making sure that you do not lose out on your trip investment if you have to cancel for any reason.