dolphins on a Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

27 Jun 10 Simple Actions To Protect Murrells Inlet Dolphins

10 Simple Actions To Protect Murrells Inlet Dolphins

One of the most fun family activities to do on a Myrtle Beach vacation is a dolphin cruise. Dolphins, one of the ocean’s most unique animals, are fun to watch and create an enjoyable experience for everyone aboard the Blue Waves Adventure dolphin cruise. As much as we admire and love to share the water with dolphins, the population of these beautiful animals continues to decline. A report out of Australia says the bottlenose dolphin numbers have declined every year since 2011, totaling a 12 percent decline in the population.


While environmental changes can play a role in the dolphin population, there are simple, everyday tasks that Murrells Inlet local and visitors can take to protect the species.


How To Protect Dolphins

If we all want to enjoy dolphins for decades to come, we must take the proper steps to protect their environment. Incorporate these 10 simple steps into your family’s routine to help protect dolphins.

  1. Reuse: Choose reusable items whenever possible. Skip the plastic grocery bags and bring your totes with each trip. Avoid plastic strays and go with paper or don’t use a straw at all.
  2. Conserve water: Fix leaks in your home. Even the smallest leaks can waste a significant amount of water. Ten percent of homes in America have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more every day.
  3. Green clean: Stop using cleaning solutions filled with chemicals that can eventually find their way into the ocean when washed down your drain. Opt for green cleaners or create your own at home.4
  4. Use hand-held devices: If there’s a simple way to save on electricity, it’s skipping the use of electrical appliances for things you can do by hand (can opening, mixer, etc.).
  5. Don’t pour oils down the drain: Fats, grease and oils can contaminate your local water supply. Don’t pour them down the drain.
  6. Use garbage disposal sparingly: Use kitchen scraps for your compost pile to help your garden grow rather than shoving it down the garbage disposal.
  7. Buy dolphin-safe goods: Purchase tuna and other items that are labeled dolphin-safe. The label means the company meets all protocol to protect dolphins while fishing for tuna and other seafood.
  8. Volunteer for beach cleanups: Each summer, the Murrells Inlet area and other Grand Strand beaches host beach cleanups. Volunteer your time to pick up trash that could harm ocean animals.
  9. Work with community leaders: Vote in leaders who take an interest in the local environment and support organizations that do the same.
  10. Take a walk: Share a ride, hop on a bus or bike to where you need to go. The fewer vehicles on the road, the better off our environment. Consider alternate forms of transportation for your daily trips.

In order to protect our environment and save the dolphins, we can all begin to make small changes in our daily routines. The Blue Wave Adventures team is proud to offer residents and visitors to Murrells Inlet the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures close-up. We hope to offer dolphin cruise adventures for years to come, and with small changes, we can all help make that happen.